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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

How To Unlock Tecno N3 Pattern Lock Screen | @kikigist_com

I have been hearing different complains about the Tecno N3 Pattern lock screen that some of us know about, when the screens locks because of wrong pattern by users or
outsider can cause the screen pattern to lock even with the right pattern it won't unlock. This has cause many users to stop using the lock screen pattern app in securing their devices.

I have been hearing this complains specially on Tecno N3 phone I don't know the reason maybe because I have lots of the device users as my friends :), so what this happens to you what are you meant to do, the only method I know for now is using your Gmail to unlock the screen, this is to confirm the authenticity of the user if it really belongs to him/her. When the screen locks due to many invalid pattern it brings out this form to fill in your Gmail and password to login

How To Unlock Your Pattern Lock With Your Gmail

First note something, it not just the normal email you will just insert into the form, it is the Gmail you registered with the phone or device before the screen locked. It is the Gmail associated with the phone. So if you have a Tecno Android phone or any other Android phone you can register the device with a new or existing Gmail account.

Before starting you need a data bundle your your Phone to be able to access the internet.

If you have registered a Gmail account with your Tecno device you can click on the unlock with e-mail.

Then fill in the email address along with your password and login and your Tecno N3 device will be unlocked successfully.

If you just acquired a Tecno N3 phone or any Android device you first register it with a Gmail to protect your device in case of any problem..